Does Facial Cupping Cause Bruises?

Many people worry about the chance of bruising through Facial Cupping. With the right technique and pressure, Facial Cupping should not cause any bruising.

The Facial Cups I recommend and sell are made from flexible, light, BPA-free silicone. They are designed for use on the face and are much smaller than the cups that are used on the body. They’re also much more flexible than the one you can find in other market places. 

When we practice Facial Cupping, we use two techniques: Flash Cupping and Dynamic Cupping. When we use Flash Cupping, we squeeze and release the cups almost straight away. In the Dynamic Cupping technique, we squeeze, slide and release.

Generally, in both techniques, the blood is brought to the surface but the cup is not left static long enough to cause any bruising. You may find, however, that if you have particularly thin skin or if you use the cup for longer than 5 minutes in one session, you may be left with some light bruising. This is harmless and will fade after a few days.