How Quickly Should I See Results?

Facial Cupping has so many benefits that you might find it difficult to believe until you start practicing Facial Cupping and see the results for yourself. Whatever skin issue you have, Facial Cupping could help.


One of the first parts of our body to show the signs of aging is the skin on our face. As our collagen and elastin production decreases, our skin loses it strength and elasticity and our first wrinkles start to appear. 


Don’t get us wrong, wrinkles aren’t bad – at least, most of them. They are a reflection of who we are: They show a lot about what you have lived through, how you have felt; they show us your personality, how smiley you are, how impatient you are and maybe even the challenges you have overcome in your life.

Having wrinkles is inevitable, but, as Lillian Pearl Bridges in Face Reading in Chinese Medicine says:

“We do have control over how many (we) have and where they are.”

To repair the effects of aging skin, our modern world has created an empire worth billions – cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, chemical peels, face-lifts, and so on. Not only are most of these practices very expensive but also they are very invasive and can have very serious and risky side effects.

From an alternative medicine point of view, all these invasive treatments also have an impact on your general wellbeing, often disturbing your natural energy balance. It is not uncommon to talk to someone who has just had a face-lift or had Botox injections and realize they are still not fully content with the result.

Facial Cupping is a natural and powerful alternative to all these practices and will:


Brighten & strengthen skin

Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Relax muscle tension

Strengthen connective tissues

Stimulate cells responsible for collagen production

Regulate oil production

Tone the chin, jawline, neck, and décolleté

Improve nutrient delivery and product absorption

Minimize the appearance of scars

Decrease puffiness and pore size

Plump lips

Reduces general stress


The goal of The Facial Cupping Expert is to help you achieve all these benefits. Once you start to physically experience the benefits of Facial Cupping, you will start to regain some confidence and your overall health will also benefit from it.