7-Star Plum Blossom Hammer



Needle tapping is the generic name for plum blossom therapy, also known as Mei Hua Zhuang or plum blossom needle therapy, which is a traditional Chinese therapy used in the field of natural beauty and holistic wellness. It involves gently tapping the skin with a small, handheld instrument that resembles a plum blossom tree branch called a 7 star plum blossom hammer.

Our signature 7-Star Plum Blossom Hammer is made of 7 fine, 100% medical stainless steal blunt-ended needles arranged in a cluster on one end. The other end has a flexible handle for easy gripping and tapping.

it comes with a velvet pouch, protective sponge cap, a tutorial card, and a link to free online tutorials.



I hope you’ll be delighted with your 7-star plum blossom hammer! If you’re not 100% satisfied with it, simply send it back (unused & undamaged) within 7 days, and I’ll refund you the full cost of the products purchase minus the cost of return. Please retain your receipt as proof of postage.

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