Raw Silk Gloves(Soft Strength)



Raw silk has been used in the beauty world for many centuries because of its ability to rejuvenate skin. Raw Silk is packed with 18 amino acids, a protein – Sericin- most similar in structure to human skin.

This pair of raw silk body gloves have a very soft exfoliating texture to help to remove dead skin cells, boost circulation, and reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Naturally makes your skin more elastic.
  • Revives collagen production and strengthens the skin’s barrier. It also helps your skin hold onto moisture and repair cells.
  • Gently removes dead skin, unclogging pores for a healthy detox.
  • Leaves your skin looking and feeling youthful, naturally radiant, and as soft as a baby’s.
  • Boosts skin health by improving circulation and your lymphatic system.

Comes in a biodegradable bag, together with a tutorial card and a link to free online tutorials.



I hope you’ll be delighted with your raw silk gloves! If you’re not 100% satisfied with then, simply send them back (unused & undamaged) within 7 days, and I’ll refund you the full cost of the products purchase minus the cost of return. Please retain your receipt as proof of postage.

For more information on refund policy, check this page

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