Will Facial Cupping Stretch Your Skin?

Written by
Sakina Di Pace
Actually, this is one of the most common myths and worries about Facial Cupping. And you know what?


It’s not true.
In fact, it can often offer you the opposite benefits. After all, Facial Cupping is beneficial because it:
👋 Hi, I’m Sakina
Learn how to get younger & brighter skin with my facial cupping starter kit.
What throws people for a loop is the idea that Facial Cupping seems to “stretch” the skin.
Think about it this way: when you stretch your muscles in yoga, does it make them looser?


No! It makes them firmer, toned, and younger-looking!


With Facial Cupping, the suction draws blood flow toward the surface of your skin. It can even release fascia adhesions—which often cause wrinkles and sagging.


Think about it this way: massage puts pressure on tissue to remove the tension. Cupping, on the other hand, lifts up the tissue to release tension. This creates a “mini-trauma” in the skin.
But that is actually the goal. These “mini-traumas” stimulate the natural healing of the skin, sending more oxygenated blood to the area, stimulating collagen, and encouraging the reproduction of skin cells.
Lightly stretching your skin in this way stimulates the collagen and elastin that can make your skin firmer and healthier.
It also relaxes your facial muscles and stimulates your skin on acupuncture meridians.


Over time, this can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring the natural brightness of your skin.

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👋 Hi, I’m Sakina
Learn how to get younger & brighter skin with my facial cupping starter kit.

What actually causes stretching of the skin?

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But in many ways, your skin is the window into your health.


And Facial Cupping can help make your skin healthier, without causing long-lasting stretching.


Healthy skin, after all, is resilient. It’s flexible. It retains its shape.
Facial Cupping is exactly what will help you do that. It will help tone your skin. It will help provide more elasticity, so you don’t have to worry as much about stretching damage!

What About “The Skin Pooch” After a C Section?

One time, I went out with some friends. One of them started to complain about her pooch.


You know “the pooch.” That little bit of lower belly skin that’s just so tough to get rid of!


Keep in mind that my friend is incredibly fit. If she’s struggling with this pooch, it means a lot of people out there are probably struggling with the same.


You’re fit, you’re healthy, you eat well, and you take care of yourself. But you had a C-section, and it seems like it’s hard to recover from.
When you get a C-section, your body has to create deep layers of scar tissue to bring the skin back together. This scar tissue is made from collagen.


Collagen has a different structure than “normal” skin—even though collagen is perfectly normal! But the difference between the two can be obvious. The skin pulls differently in different segments, which can create a loose-looking “pooch.”
You can use Cupping over this scar and over your pooch. This helps the tissue to “reorganize” itself, regaining its elasticity. It will tighten up the lower belly skin—even if you didn’t have a C section!


I recommend doing cupping on this “pooch” while you’re lying down. This will help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

    How to Use Facial Cupping the Right Way

    If you’re worried about stretching from Facial Cupping, don’t be.


    But it will help to know the right way to handle your new Cupping habits.
    I’ve created a 6-step protocol that’s perfect for beginners to use, helping you learn exactly how to use Facial Cupping to get all of the benefits listed above!
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