About Sakina

I have been practicing acupuncture for the past 15 years, both in the UK and in the US. I started using Facial Cupping, in addition to my needles, to help alleviate the pain of some patients with nerve conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, and to stimulate muscle strength in paralysis cases such as Bell’s Palsy.

Realising how beneficial Facial Cupping was to my patients, I decided to incorporate Facial Cupping into my Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments. If it could stimulate paralysed facial muscles, I knew that Facial Cupping could work in helping to improve facial muscle tone in my cosmetic patients.

Adding Facial Cupping to my traditional acupuncture treatments had an instant positive effect on all my patients. They just loved it! I kept using my Facial Cupping techniques with my patients until the 2020 lockdown arrived, where I unfortunately couldn’t see my patients face-to-face anymore.

As a result, I had the idea to share my expertise and knowledge online. What could be more beneficial to my patients than being able to do the treatment by themselves in the comfort of their own home? That is how the idea of The Facial Cupping Expert was created.

I also realised that my patients were asking for recommendations about which facial cups and facial oil to buy. That is when I decided to source my own products to be able to provide the best quality facial cups and facial oils to my patients, as well as delivering online education.

The Facial Cupping Expert Philosophy

I believe that the most effective skincare routines are built on the foundation of simplicity and consistency. Rather than promoting skincare routines that are costly or complicated, The Facial Cupping Expert delivers instructional workshops that will empower you with all the knowledge and techniques you need to achieve naturally healthy and glowing skin. The facial cupping journey begins with education, because it’s my belief that expert skincare should be accessible and sustainable.

The Facial Cupping Expert’s Facial Cups and Facial Oils perfectly complement your new skincare routine. The products are carefully sourced to ensure they deliver on an organic, ethically conscious and eco-friendly ethos. Partnered with a consistent Facial Cupping routine, these products will allow your skin to feel plumper and look brighter than it ever has before.