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what is facial cupping?

You may have only just heard about Facial Cupping, as it has been growing in popularity recently. But Facial Cupping is actually rooted in ancient healing traditions. Cupping has been part of many Eastern healing systems and alternative medicine for centuries; for example, Chinese, Unani, Korean, Tibetan and Oriental traditions have all promoted its benefits.


We have 43 muscles in our face but, unlike the rest of the muscles in our body, we tend to neglect them. A good Facial Cupping routine relaxes and tones the muscles in your face, as well as improving blood flow. It also boosts collagen production and stimulates your lymphatic system!


Much in the same way your skin glows after a good workout, Facial Cupping works on the simple principle of improving blood circulation. The real beauty of using such a technique as Facial Cupping is that it is safe and requires minimal time and resources – your healthiest, most glowing skin really is achievable without the need for expensive lotions or trips to the cosmetic surgeon!

how does facial cupping work?

When you squeeze your Facial Cup onto an area of your face, a gentle suction is created. This draws blood flow towards the surface of your skin. This increased blood flow in the skin underneath the cup and surrounding tissues encourages the formation of new blood vessels.


The suction also creates a controlled mini-trauma in the skin (in the same way as micro-needling and derma-rollers would), which prompts a natural healing process in the skin. More oxygenated blood flows to the area, collagen and fibroblast production is stimulated, and the skin cells are encouraged to reproduce.


The result? Skin that feels and looks more plump, healthy and glowing.

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