looking for a sustainable beauty routine that doesn’t cost the earth?

Would you like to see visible results without the need for cosmetic procedures?

If so, then you’re in the right place! Facial Cupping is THE alternative beauty treatment that will sculpt, plump and reveal your natural beauty. No more tired skin, puffiness, or dark under-eye circles. Facial Cupping will bring back the glow you thought you’d lost.

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What Are the Benefits of Facial Cupping?

  • Brightens & Strengthens Your Skin

  • Stimulates Cells Responsible For Collagen Reduction

  • Minimizes the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Decreases ‘Puffiness’

  • Plumps Lips


I’m Sakina, the founder of The Facial Cupping Expert & Sérénité, and I’m so pleased you’re visiting my page – welcome!

I come from France, but I’ve been living in the UK and US for the past 18 years. Facial Cupping has been part of my acupuncture practice during this time, and I’ve finally decided to share my love and knowledge for this ancient technique with you through my new company…

‘The Facial Cupping Expert’.

…I hope, like me, you’ll love building Facial Cupping into your beauty routine, and enjoy fantastic results as much as my patients do. Your healthiest, most glowing skin really is achievable without the need for expensive lotions or trips to a cosmetic surgeon – Facial Cupping is the natural alternative you’ve been waiting for!

Sakina x