What are the benefits of facial cupping?


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Sakina Di Pace

Wrinkles are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have some control over how you age. As Lillian Pearl Bridges says in Face Reading in Chinese Medicine:


We do have control over how many wrinkles we have and where they are.

One of the best ways to exercise that control? Facial Cupping.

Facial cupping is a practice that’s absolutely jam-packed with benefits—I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

  • First: why facial cupping?

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The answer is simple. Our face is one of the first parts of our body to show the signs of aging, and that’s for a few reasons:

  • We tend to leave our face exposed more often than any other type of skin on our body. We even cover our hands more than we cover our face!
  • Our face is sensitive and full of smaller folds, requiring more care than other parts of our body.
  • As collagen and elastin production decreases with age, our face loses some of its strength and elasticity. As a result, our first wrinkles start to appear.

That isn’t to say that face wrinkling is bad. They’re a reflection of who we are. Your smile lines hint at a life full of laughter and joy. Your crow’s feet show how often you’ve looked into the eyes of someone you loved. These lines show what you’ve lived through, how you felt. Your personality is literally written in the wrinkles on your face. Challenges overcome. Joys experienced. Memories created.

But that doesn’t mean you want a diary on your face, either.

To repair the effects of aging skin, our modern world has built an empire worth billions. Cosmetic surgery. Botox injections. Chemical peels. Facelifts.

These practices are problematic. For one, they’re expensive. But they can also be invasive, leading to serious and risky side-effects. Heck, they can be downright unpleasant. And from an alternative medicine point of view, they can disturb your natural energy balance.

Go ahead—speak to someone who just had a facelift or Botox injections. See if they really seem fully contented with the result.

“Well,” you might ask, “then what’s the alternative?”

Facial cupping, of course. Facial cupping is a treatment that doesn’t require injections or incisions, yet its benefits can be no less potent:

  • Brightening and strengthening skin
  • Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relaxing muscle tension
  • Strengthening connective tissues
  • Stimulating the cells responsible for collagen production
  • Regulating oil production
  • Toning the chin, jawline, neck, and décolleté
  • Improving nutrient delivery and product absorption
  • Minimizing the appearance of scars
  • Decreasing puffiness and pore size
  • Plumping the lips
  • Reducing general stress

But let’s get more specific about how these benefits work, and why you should consider adding facial cupping to your routine.

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👋 Hi, I’m Sakina

Learn how to get younger & brighter skin with my facial cupping starter kit.

Doing facial cupping in the evening: benefits in the morning

Do facial cupping in the evening, as it will always be more beneficial than a session in the morning. This is because the skin will switch to “recovery” mode throughout the night. Much of the cell regeneration you’re after will happen while you’re fast asleep. A quick cupping session to help stimulate this regeneration will give you the best results.

Facial cupping helps absorption of products’ active ingredients

Using expensive night creams? Serums? Retinols? Apply them before the prickly pear seed oil (which comes with my facial cupping kit). Facial cupping aids the absorption of the active ingredients of any products you put on your face. It’s a double win!

Anti-aging properties

The beauty of facial cupping? You can get the glow you’re after without a trip to the cosmetic surgeon. It will tone your skin, moving Blood & Qi stagnation that’s been preventing the healthy flow of blood and energy to your face.

  • The result: Skin that feels and looks more plump, healthy, and glowing!

Better Lymphatic Flow

Want to get rid of puffiness and sagging skin? Healthy skin is directly related to a healthy lymphatic system, and it relies on us moving or massaging specific areas to circulate. Facial cupping stimulates the lymphatic system, which minimizes the appearance of puffiness all around your face and eyes.

Works as an alternative to Botox

Facial cupping is the opposite of Botox.

How? Well, Botox blocks the meridians where the energy flows. This brings the characteristic “frozen” look to the skin you might be familiar with. It can also slow down both the immune and nervous systems. Botox may even make you feel more isolated from others—after all, no one wants to have a frozen emotional response with their facial expresssions!

Facial cupping, on the other hand? It can move stagnant Qi (energy) and keep the blood moving to the right places.

Aging in a healthier way

Facial cupping can help your body age better. By this, I mean that you can age in a healthier way—with less puffiness, less tension, and smoother skin.

Facial cupping can also help reduce some fine lines and wrinkles, promoting your body’s natural healing processes. It’ll help you regain some elasticity and flow, encouraging your own collagen and elastin production.

My view on natural beauty is that you don’t need expensive products and invasive procedures to have good skin. They drain your wallet—and they don’t necessarily achieve the best results.

The best results come from a healthy lifestyle. Think sleep. Think good nutrition. And think a non-invasive, but powerful, way of caring for your skin.

Want to see a happy customer talking about it?


My friend asked me whether I had Botox done. I've been doing cupping at least 3 times a week for the past couple of month. Thanks again for your tutorials!


Thank you kindly Sakina, it's one of the best anti ageing remedies I've ever found, and ten times cheaper than any creams I've bought.


I've just finished my second week of cupping. My acne scars and dark spots are obviously faded and smaller. Thank you for your expertise, great products, and knowledge sharing. Now I love my skin more than ever.


A complete package for your skin routine

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