How Quickly Should I See Results with Facial Cupping?


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Sakina Di Pace

Everyone wants an overnight transformation. But how quickly does Facial Cupping show you how well it’s working?

Some of my clients see results in the first few days. Others may see results after a few weeks.

Your results may vary. But results should be visible to everyone after three weeks of a consistent Facial Cupping routine.

  • My recommendation?
  • Take before-and-after photos.

👋 Hi, I’m Sakina

Learn how to get younger & brighter skin with my facial cupping starter kit.

When something like Facial Cupping improves your skin, those improvements might be subtle after one day. But most of us look in the mirror so often, we can’t even see profound changes taking place! We need a photo to work as our reference.

When you do, you may notice how many benefits you’re getting from Facial Cupping:

  • Smoother, healthier skin
  • Defining your jawline
  • Getting rid of dark circles
  • That “bright,” healthy feeling

Stick with facial cupping, and you may notice it all happen. But here’s how to make sure it does.

What Actions Will Impact Your Facial Cupping Results?

A healthy lifestyle is also a critical factor in how quickly you see results. If you take on Facial Cupping but only get two hours of sleep every night…well, you can probably guess why that won’t help you.

If you take on Facial Cupping, but you eat pizza all day, every day…that, too, can affect your results.

After all, one of the key factors in Facial Cupping is its ability to restore blood flow. And blood flow is healthy when it nourishes your skin from the inside-out.

The quality of that nourishment matters, too.

Hydration matters, too. Your skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Even mild dehydration can cause your skin to look tired, dry, and dull. That can make visible small lines appear, lead to wrinkles, and potentially make your complexion uneven.

We should drink six to eight glasses of water per day if we want our hydration on point.

Me? I always start and finish my day with a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. It helps keep me hydrated, which in turn helps the body flush toxins away.

Hydration into the skin. Toxins out. That’s what you’re after.

If you’re Facial Cupping as part of this healthy and skin-friendly lifestyle, you will definitely see your skin becoming healthier. It may look plumper. And you may even see fine lines fading away.

Let me know how it works for you!

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👋 Hi, I’m Sakina

Learn how to get younger & brighter skin with my facial cupping starter kit.

What Affects the Speed of Facial Cupping Results?

Let’s say you have a cyst. Depending on what type it is, it may need a few extra days to get better with your new Facial Cupping habit.

Deep forehead vertical lines, however—that might take a few weeks before you see significant improvement.

Your results may also depend on which area of the face you’re focusing on. That’s why you might see that people report different speed in our testimonials.

The good news? Just about everyone reports more glowing skin the day after Facial Cupping.

A Free Protocol to Make Sure You See Results

If you want the best results, follow my 6-Step Protocol. I outline this protocol in my online workshops…

…and it comes free with the Facial Cupping Starter Kit.

This protocol includes the six essential steps you need to ensure your Facial Cupping is on-point and delivering all the rejuvenation your skin needs.

After all, you wouldn’t expect to get the health benefits of apples if you didn’t know you were supposed to eat them!

It’s the same way with Facial Cupping. By themselves, the cups won’t do anything. It’s only once you use them properly that you’ll start to see transformative results.

What to Expect From My Workshop

My workshop is divided into 6 tutorial videos, each between 5 and 10 minutes long. They’re simple, easy to digest, and will invigorate you with the confidence you need to change your skin—and change your life.

Here’s what to expect from the workshop:

  • A 10-minute intro, where I’ll teach you the theory and science behind Facial Cupping. Believe it or not, understanding why it works can influence how well it works. And once you know why it works, you’ll have all the motivation and inspiration you need to make Facial Cupping a consistent habit in your new beauty routine.
  • You’ll learn about the different types of wrinkles. That’s right—not all wrinkles are made alike! You’ll learn about the appearance (and sometimes disappearance) of fine lines, as well as the root causes of these lines.
  • You’ll learn how your health can drastically impact your skin. After all, has anyone ever told you “you look tired” or “you’re glowing”? You might have wondered what you were doing differently. The truth is, these observations relate to how well our skin reflects our inner health.

In the four remaining videos, you’ll get super-detailed lessons in Facial Cupping techniques that have left my clients looking at least 10 years younger.

Want to know how well it works? Want to know what kinds of results you’ll see, and how quickly?

Don’t take it from me.

Take it from my ecstatic clients.


My jaw no longer clicks - I’ve had this issue for over 5 years so can’t believe how quickly it’s resolved with the cups!


My skin has improved so much. Fewer breakouts, fading of old acne scars. Dramatic decrease in the puffiness.


Hi Sakina, I've been using the cups for the past two weeks, and my skin is simply looking amazing. Loving the results so far! Thank you.

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